Celebrating Manufacturing Month with Cabinets & Interiors Inc.

25 Oct 2023


October is Manufacturing Month and Faulkton Area Economic Development (FAED) is shining a light on the first cabinet manufacturing company in Faulk County, Cabinets & Interiors Inc. Yes, longevity lives here.

The History of Cabinets & Interiors

To understand the present, it’s always good to learn the past. FAED thanks Jody Moritz of the Faulk County Historical Society for this quick history of Cabinets & Interiors.

Dating back to 1911, the Bachmayer Brothers (Jacob and Adam) were among the first builders in Faulkton. In 1920, Jacob bought out his brother and formed Bachmayer Lumber Company, building homes and kitchen and vanity cabinets. After Jacob’s passing, his son Karl took over the business and, in the 1960s, purchased and later remodeled a new building to house the cabinetry business.

In 1967, Dale Eschenbaum started working for Bachmayer Lumber Company on their cabinetry side. In 1983, Eschenbaum purchased the cabinetry portion and changed the name to Cabinets & Interiors.  

Cabinets & Interiors Inc. with Cory Hayes 

Under Eschenbaum’s ownership, Cabinets & Interiors built a positive reputation. The business expanded and at one time, furniture was sold. Cabinets & Interiors had a 32-year run under Eschenbaum’s ownership and, in February 2015, was sold to Cory Hayes. Because the name was synonymous with quality, care, and dependability, Hayes chose to keep it and rebrand as a corporation thus, Cabinets & Interiors Inc.

Who is Cory Hayes? Hayes is a Murdo native who migrated to Faulkton in 1995. He’s always enjoyed working with his hands. During his high school years, drafting and shop classes were his favorite subjects. He learned much about tools, designing, and building things with wood. After graduation, he took a job with Schwans Foods and worked there for 21 years. While Hayes enjoyed working for Schwans, the job’s demands caused him to be away from his family more than intended.

In his desire to be closer to his family and attend his children’s events, he found the opportunity of a lifetime that would cause him to be his own boss, more present for his family, and fulfill his childhood joy of working with his hands. Thus, the purchase of Cabinets & Interiors was complete.

Cabinets & Interiors Inc. uses top-notch materials made to withstand years of all-weather seasons. They pride themselves on their custom-made cabinets. Hayes is hands-on, from the design to the installation. He uses his computer to create a 3D image to show his customers the vision of what’s to come. Each 3D image is detailed to specification, allowing room for additions, recreations, and other changes customers may request. Having a 3D image helps ensure no mistakes are made during installation and the customers know exactly what they are getting before demolition begins. Cabinets & Interiors Inc. has extensive experience building kitchens, bathrooms, storage units, benches, and so much more, maintaining the quality, care, and dependability started by Jacob Bachmayer and continued by Dale Eschenbaum.


Bring Your Business to Faulkton, SD

Longevity lives here. With the ability to thrive and a workforce to staff your business, companies interested in relocation or expansion should consider Faulkton, South Dakota. Cabinets & Interiors Inc. is a 40-year business with deep roots, and yours can be too. A conversation today can start your journey tomorrow. Contact Faulkton Area Economic Development and inquire about our Industrial Park for your manufacturing needs.